Next bus Barcelona: No traces of the data

Exactly two months ago I had a meeting with CETRAMSA about the Next bus Barcelona case, because they had sent me a bureaufax threatening me to unpublish my application. The news spreaded throw Twitter and appeared on some newspapers, so they decided to take part in the issue and appointed a meething with me so we could discuss it. In that meeting, they told be that they would handle me access to the data in an official way, because the Barcelona City Council wants to open data and they though it would be nice to open it. From what we talked, it seemed that everything would be very quick, that same day they asked me to republish the application and told me that in the following days, they would handle me access to the data so I wouldn’t need to make requests to their website simulating a browser.

Since then, my communication with CETRAMSA has been basically reminder e-mails, and they always told me that we have to wait until the Metropolitan Area has it ready. I have feedback from the Barcelona City Council (of which, I will repeat again, I have never had any complaint, because they have always been very understanding) indicating that they are preparing the data, but until now, no one has been able to give me an ETA.

Then, this week CETRAMSA published a new version of the AMBtempsbus application, very improved from the previous one, as it now includes a map, stops search and routes, as my application already did months ago. And surprise, I have been investigating and they get the data from the Internet, from a publically available URL, and without password! The same data they haven’t handled to me because they are preparing it.

I don’t want to think that this is in bad faith from CETRAMSA, I want to think that everything is a bureaucratic conflict, but on the other side, if the data is already available on the Internet, why they don’t just handle me the address? The City Council is interested in opening the data, but the concessionary companies, maybe not so much…

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  1. Daniel says:

    Felicitats per el teu treball i com sempre estàs molt per devant d’ells.
    Bones festes.

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