Update to the Next bus Barcelona case

This has been finally solved: Next bus Barcelona is up again

About what I commented on my previous post, I would like to comment some new events in the case.

21/10/2013 10:53

This morning, the lawyer which signed the bureaufax has contacted me, saying that CETRAMSA, from the very first minute, only wanted to warn me, because the data I use changes daily and they were worried because there could be some inconsistency (for example, some user could complain because they accessed a bus stop which had been deleted). He has told me that they were never planning to send a complaint, or report me, and he has shown me their worries about the messages which were spreading on message boards and Twitter.

He has told me that they want to get a meeting with me during this week, so we can talk about this subject, as they want the app to access data in a secure way and in a way which makes the data always real. He told me that they will contact me when they have availability.

21/10/2013 12:32

I have been contacted by CETRAMSA to agree to a meeting tomorrow at 9:00. They have expressed again their disconformity with the comments posted by other people in message boards and tweets, because they never wanted to file a complaint. They say that there is no problem with the application, but it has to use their data obtention systems so the data is correctly up-to-date.

This is the current state as of today, I will keep updating this post when any new events occur. Right now, the app is still disabled.

I would like to say thanks for all the comments, messages and support tweets. There have been so many, and they really motivate me to keep going, it looks like my job really made people a bit happier. Thank you very much.

Last update: 21/10/2013 10:53

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